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Rumor: 3DS cartridges could store 8 GB

In addition to adding a new layer of depth to its predecessor, the 3DS may be able to play gameswhich are 16x larger. That'smore storage space than ondual-layer Xbox 360 discs.

Above: Imagefrom Kotaku

Storage capacity is the latest buzz around the 3DS and Nintendo manufacturing partner Macronix. Macronix makes solid-state memory products which can pack in a whole lot of data into a storage device without requiring a hard drive or optical media. The 8 GB limit is much higher than a previously rumored 2 GB cap on 3DS games.

Don't start popping the champagne yet, though. According to Taiwanese siteGamrade, Nintendo is still limiting 3DS games to a 2 GB file size, even though there's room for much more. There are no details as to why, andthe 8 GB total storage space has not been verified by Nintendo.

Even so, a 2 GB file size limit is still four times more than what the current DS cartridges allow, and it's on par with the PSP's UMD media.

[Source: Kotaku]

Dec 20, 2010