Rockstar announces new Midnight Club

Rockstar has unveiled a new installment in its underground racing series, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, due to launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next year.

"Midnight Club's addictive blend of freedom, style and sheer sense of speed sets it apart from its competition," reckons Sam Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games. Apparently, MC:LA will "push the boundaries and expectations of what a racing game can be... with this game, [Rockstar San Diego] is looking to re-define the idea of a completely immersive racing game experience, both offline and online."

With no details or screens to peruse for ourselves, we'll just have to take Rockstar's word for it at the moment. Rest assured, though, that the heavyweight developer will be pumping out everything we need to judge the potential of Midnight Club 's new evolution in the coming months.

May 16, 2007