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Resident Evil 3 remake is almost here and so is a sexy Nemesis mod

Resident Evil 3 remake is dropping in just a few days, but somehow people are already hard at work at modding the crap out of it, including giving Nemesis the kind of bathing suit you'd only ever see on a Barcelona playa.

That's right, if you've been hearing rumors about how difficult and terrifying Nemesis is in this remastered version of the 1999 game, there's a mod that will make him way less scary and far more sexy. Created by Patreon-supported modder MarcosRC, Beach Body Nemesis is here to have you questioning your sexuality for the rest of your social isolation period. Sure, his face is terrifying, but that body though…

Sorry, lost myself for a moment there. Nemesis' banana hammock features an Umbrella Corp. logo right where his Neme-bits would be. It's incredibly distracting, for sure, but as someone who scares easily this might just be the mod I need (it's for PC only, however, so keep that in mind).

I've no idea how people are modding a game that isn't out yet, but Beach Body Nemesis is one of several mods available to shape your Resident Evil 3 experience, from swapping in Nemesis' original face, to turning every enemy into him, or subbing Venom in his place. They're not all Nemesis-related, however, as some change protagonist Jill Valentine into Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Horizons, or swap her look for a more vintage vibe. Whatever mod tickles your fancy, it's pretty wild that they're piling up for a game that releases in *checks calendar* four days.

Resident Evil 3 releases April 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but it may experience delivery delays due to coronavirus, so keep an eye on your orders. 

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