PS3 box design revealed... maybe

As gamers, we tend to nitpick things to death. We've been known to fixate on the fonts of platform logos and fight over the color of fictional characters' hairdos. It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that a similar degree of obsession would be focused on something as simple and seemingly inconsequential as a game box.

Thus, a news story about the possible design of PS3 game boxes. Complete with photo. You gotta love this industry.

This rather anticlimactic look is far from official. We've only seen it in the above shot of Need for Speed Carbon and it's not quite what we expected. The dimensions of thecase do appear to match that of a Blu-ray container, but why doesn't that clear empty space on top actually include a Blu-ray or Sony logo? If you're choosing a different color for Greatest Hits titles (a color that the hardest core of gamers will inevitably hate), where do you go from "transparent"?

Stop obsessing. We'll know the truth soon enough.

October 12, 2006