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Preview: FIFA 11 - The best football game ever?

It's an aspect offootball games that is tweaked and changed every year and quite frankly we're sick of typing - 'the build up play is slicker' or 'passes really feel more weighted than ever' - but in FIFA11 it's noteworthy once again, so bear with us. One of the biggest complaints of FIFA fans is the ability of 'ping-pong passing' games, where you could string together impossible numbers of passes with anyone on the pitch, but with each player having a more realistic ability to do this, the pinginess has been squashed. Passes can and will go wrong if you don't play it with enough power or direction.

Above: There's far more variety to the crossing than ever before in FIFA. This is a good thing.

You can play the ball into space with X,if you like,and then control another player to try and beat your opponent in a foot race to get it. The crossing has been tuned too. We race down the flank with Tottenham'sAaron Lennon andget to the corner of the 18 yard box.We scream atthe stringy Peter Crouch, as he runs to the near post instead of the far one, but intelligently as we hitthe cross it sort of chipsonto his forehead and he buries it past a flailing goalkeeper. He doesn't even break stride.

One-two passes are far more intuitive in FIFA11 too. Play the ball from a wingerto a midfielder, for example, and they'll continue their run without you having to forcetheminto it.

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