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A new horror adventure from Red Barrel Games that believes the most terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind.

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  • PS4 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Outlast Trophies

    Outlast Trophy List

    EDUCATED (Silver): Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings

    PUNISHED (Silver): Finish the game

    PULITZER (Gold): Collect all documents and complete all recordings

    LUNATIC (Gold): Finish the game in Insane mode

    WHISTLEBLOWER (Bronze): Finish the Whistleblower DLC

    BOWELWHISTLER (Gold): Finish the DLC in Insane mode

    ARCHIVIST (Silver): Collect all documents

    LEGACY (Silver): Complete all recordings

    ILLUMINATED (Bronze): Restore power to the Administrative Block

    FLUSHED (Bronze): Drain the Sewers

    SOAKED (Bronze): Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward

    EMANCIPATED (Bronze): Collect the key in the Female Ward

    GAS LEAKER (Bronze): Turn off the gas

    SHOCKER (Bronze): Turn off the electricity