Out On A Limb review

Felix Limb (Henry Goodman) is an ageing TV chef - Keith Floyd meets Delia Smith in a bad toupé - who's just had his ailing series cancelled. Adding insult to injury, he and his table full of dinner guests then get taken hostage by a pair of incompetent crooks (Neil Stuke and Costa Milton). However, Keith is quick to see the publicity value in his situation and - along with his mercenary media whore companions - tries to make it last as long as possible.

A decent idea is executed in such a ham-fisted am-dram way that it leaves you itching to take a meat cleaver to the lot of them. Dialogue is shouted rather than spoken, overblown facial expressions are pitched to hit the back row of the stalls rather than a camera two feet in front of them and the plot dribbles out long before the 90-minute mark. It's like the worst episode of Terry And June never made.

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