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Official Nintendo Magazine has got a brand spanking new website - take a look

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has given its website a makeover, just in time for the arrival of 3DS. Aside from the rather spanking new visual design, there's a brand new forum and improved in-article commenting. Existing forum users have even been given free kudos to reward their loyalty. How's that for a thank you?

Above: The new-look homepage and forum. Check it out at

Forum users can also now report spammers and mods will be able to weild a great big ban hammer, which should makethe forum a much nicer place to be.

The site itself now has a new widescreen video player, which you can see in actionhereas ONM Editor In Chief Neil Long talks about his 'best thing about Nintendo 3DS'. We know the video player is awesome because it's the same as ours!

The site will be publishing new reviews every Thursday. These will include edited versions of the reviews in the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine plus, next Thursday, verdicts on the games which missed the magazine's deadline, including Splinter Cell 3D, Samurai Warriors Chronicles, The Sims 3D, Rayman 3D, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Can't say fairer than that.

Take a look for yourself at

Like GamesRadar, Official Nintendo Magazine UK is produced by Future Publishing

18 Mar, 2011

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