NBA 07 review

Sony's first basketball title for PS3 clanks hard off the rim


  • NBA Replay mode
  • The shot halo
  • The motion controls... maybe


  • Ugly graphics
  • No career mode
  • Little depth

You know how you'll drive past a park or playground where kids are playing basketball, and there's always that one kid who's obviously someone's little brother? He's busting his ass running up and down the court, and he's got skillz for his age, but everyone else is at least a foot taller and four years older, so he's just not a factor in the game. Unfortunately, if that kid were a video game, he'd probably be a lot like NBA 07.

It's not that this is a bad game, really. It does what it does well enough. But what it does is too basic and underdeveloped, lacking even the most important features from the PS2 version - namely, anything that could enable it to compete with the PS3's other baller, the amazingly good NBA 2K7.

Notice the name? There's a reason the PS2 version is called NBA 07: featuring The Life Vol. 2 and this one isn't. Two reasons, in fact: first off, because the PS2 version's name is ridiculous. But more importantly, because that whole career mode called The Life, with the story and the during-game objectives and the real acting and characters and drama? It's not here. Which sucks, because it was great. Most of the mini-games are missing, too. You get Own the Court, Skills Challenge, and 3 pt shootout. That's all. No training camp, no drills, no 2 on 2.

More Info

DescriptionNBA 07 hits the hardwood exclusively for the PS3.
US censor ratingEveryone