MotorStorm online details revealed

MotorStorm 's multiplayer features will include at least 12-player muddy race-offs and full voice chat support when it launches on February 27th. Two-player split-screen play will not be offered, although developer Evolution may rectify this with a downloadable bolt-on sometime in the future.

Evolution is hoping to boost the multiplayer roster to allow for 16-player racefests, but 12 is currently the number the developer is willing to commit to according to a recent interview with Edge Online. Regardless of the final number, though, voice chat will still be featured, supporting either USB headsets or Bluetooth wireless sets.

Split-screen won't be included due to tech troubles, as splitting the detail is a "performance nightmare." However, if there's "an overwhelming demand" for the feature, Evolution is open to the idea of a downloadable update adding split-screen play to MotorStorm: "The beauty of online consoles is that the game can change in the future," Evolution explains.

There's plenty more issuing forth from the mouths of MotorStorm 's creator, including Evolution's opinion on the lack of controller-rumble, the potential of a PS3 WRC title, and the reasons for the game launching in Japan minus the online service. We expect to get some multiplayer online time very soon, so stick around.

January 17, 2007