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The most obnoxious custom paint jobs in Forza

Coming at you full Forza

Eating dust at the back of the racing pack while waiting to see more of Forza 6? (opens in new tab) What you need is the competitive edge that only an eye-searingly loud custom decal can provide. We risk blindness to bring you these

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The groaning cheetah

First things first: please dont write in and say that those are actually leopard or ocelot markings. Firstly, this isnt Stupid Spotty Cats: The Official Magazine, and secondly, weve burned our retinas clean off in the process of putting this piece together, so we wouldnt be able to read them. Though remember: in Forza, as in real life, cheetahs never prosper.

The Brony & Trap

Approximately one out of every three custom paint jobs on the Forza servers is My Little Pony-themed, which is testament to the deep subtext of Hasbros TV series.

The Ghoul

Those ink-black eyes. The haunting gaze. The way the room chills when she nears. Hello Kitty moves slowly, but you can never shake her off. One touch from her paw, and its curtains.

The Aguiler-aargh

Intimidate the opposition by carrying the visage of Candyman-era Christina Aguilera on your ride. In this car youll *Googles her discography for pun inspiration* er, feel Dirrty?

The Tooth Destroyer

Food is a recurring theme, and why not? Who doesnt like food? Jerks, thats who. Capn Crunch is a sugary cereal from the US. Speaking for us Brits, wed prefer an Alpen car.

The Rodent Avenger

Hammy the Hamster died doing what she loved: chewing through an electrical cable. Avenge her death by shunting the opposition sideways into a barn.

The Everlasting

Whoever put together this effort obviously really likes Duracell batteries. Were bigger fans of the cheapo Kodak megapacks you can get in Poundland, ourselves.

The Cartoon Menace

How would you like this beast sidling up next to you at a car meet? The scene might seem jovial, but that Donald is ready to kick off at a minutes notice. Tread lightly, racers.

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