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Miiverse is shutting down and these image posts from the community are frickin' heartbreaking

Nintendo will shut down Miiverse across all of its supported platforms on November 7 at 10 pm PST. This means two things: 1) no, Nintendo didn't already shut down Miiverse, it just didn't decide to support it on Switch, and 2) the small but dedicated Miiverse community is devastated. Here's the official end-of-the-road post from ol' NintendoTom.

The Nintendo-focused social network/image board has hosted no shortage of strangely tragic messages in the past, between all the fan-made original character art and role-play threads. But watching the Miiverse community grapple with its impending annihilation is something else entirely. Here's just a sampling of the grief you can find on Miiverse right now (click on the images to see the post on Miiverse).

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The Japanese characters say "arigatō", or "thank you" in English.

The Japanese characters say "arigatō", or "thank you" in English.

Meanwhile, the seeds of resistance are sown...

Unrealistic expectations aside, it would be a bummer if there wasn't anybody trying to save Miiverse from joining the likes of the Wii News Channel, right? Better for people to care too much than not at all. Nintendo hasn't been shy about shutting down older online services in the past so these fan demands almost definitely won't work. But, hey! Give it a shot. Stranger things have happened. And at least Nintendo has the good graces to make all of your Miiverse posts downloadable via this special page.

If you're worried about not having anywhere to share your two-color drawings of Nintendo characters any more, just get Splatoon 2! It has a little Miiverse-lite feature built right in for sharing images that can show up in stages or the central social area. Put some red-hot memes in there and you'll be a hit in no time.

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