Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Tuesday 17 October 2006
X-Men Legends had a good run as an Action RPG but what about those of us who like our superheroes with a little less social outcast to them? Publisher Activision is embracing the entire Marvel universe with Ultimate Alliance, and allowed us to embrace every next-gen version at a recent hands-on event.

The cast is a veritable who's-who of the heroic elite (in the Marvel universe, anyway). We were able to formulate our team from the following icons: Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Iceman, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Dr Strange, and the entire Fantastic Four quartet. That's not even counting the several hidden characters whose identities are currently a mystery.

Above: It's the ultimate coming together of superhuman talent

Of course, a group with that much star power must have come together for a reason. That reason is the Masters of Evil. Headed by Dr Doom, these guys have no end of twisted desires that will come to fruition unless good prevails - which you know it will, provided you've done ample levelling-up along the way.

Speaking of levelling-up, Ultimate Alliance flips X-Men Legends' script just a bit. The character screen has four sections: powers, outfits, gear, and stats. Powers are like the mutant abilities in Legends, as you can unlock new skills and upgrade the ones you have.

Outfits not only allows you to wear various costumes (Wolverine starts with simple jean/t-shirt combo, for example) but is also the place to boost health and other normal attributes. Gear is where you put on peripheral swag. Meanwhile, the stats page seems like a simple readout of where your hero is in relation to his or her potential.