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Mark Strong: Career In Four Minutes

Mark Strong is back in cinemas this week with Welcome To The Punch , a slick, high-octane action thriller that proves the UK can compete with the glossiest output from the States or Hong Kong.

Strong plays the villain of the piece, a tough gangster with Bourne-esque skills and flair for extravagant heists. After a near-miss run-in with James McAvoy’s tenacious cop, he flees the country for an early retirement.

When his young son gets caught up in a shooting, he’s drawn back to the UK, and into the line of fire.

Throughout his working life, Strong has put his stamp on characters as diverse as grandstanding villains, pitiable chumps, charming cads and sinister mentors.

In our Career In Four Minutes video, Strong takes us on a breathless tour of his career to date:

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Welcome To The Punch opens in the UK on 15 March 2013.