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Mario Strikers Charged - hands-on

While running, passing and shooting are all handled using the conventional method of stick tilting and button pressing (fake and slide tackle is on the d-pad), giving the remote a vigorous wobble causes the selected player to execute a leg-breaking crunch tackle that leaves the unfortunate recipient both ball-less and dazed.

If your opponent unleashes an almighty mega-strike shot at your goal... well, God help you. The action breaks away from the pitch and the player must use the remote to move a pair of floating goalie gloves and stop the lightning-fast barrage of incoming balls. Believe us - only players with ninja-honed reflexes will stand any chance of keeping the onion bag empty. And of course, the computer gets a chance to stop these shots too, usually nailing them without difficulty. On the plus side, each inbound ball is worth a point, so three-point goals are possible.

Generally, the features that exploit the motion-trickery of the remote hardly seem like a star signing and don't appear as though they'll bring any new magic to the pitch. However, in multiplayer (the game is four-player offline and is also supported by Nintendo's Wi-Fi service) Mario Strikers Charged is demented, fast-paced and promises to deliver its fun studs up and with boundless energy.