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Looks like the date for Prime Day 2019 has leaked... get ready for game savings

Looks like the date for Prime Day 2019 has leaked...

Start saving those pennies, people. It looks like you'll be tucking into those Prime Day game deals on July 15 and July 16. The date has leaked, courtesy of... a vacuum cleaner, as spotted by our talented colleagues over at Real Homes. Amazon's yearly retail event usually lasts for about 36-48 hours, and comes packed with gaming goodies. Last year saw savings on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X, along with a whole bunch of gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and so on. However, the best thing about Prime Day is usually the digital codes: you can often pick up a cracking Xbox Live deal, or a new 12-month sub to PS Plus for half price.

The date leak came courtesy of an email promoting a vacuum cleaner, which is set to be a Prime 'Deal of the Day' on July 16, which is the Tuesday. Prime Day always begins on a Monday, so that gives us a good idea of what the date will be. Of course, this date is yet to be confirmed by Amazon, and we've no information yet about what will be on sale during the event. You can bet that both Microsoft and Sony will be looking to shift their premium consoles for cheap, as they might well have announced next-gen hardware by July (or some news about it). Hot rumors suggest the next Xbox will be unveiled on Sunday, at Microsoft's E3 conference. At the very least, you'll be able to save money on something that'll keep your carpets nice and clean, while you game.

If you're looking for more deals on Xbox One, PS4, or Switch and you need them right now, we can help with that. Just check out the links below. We'll be here for all your Prime Day coverage, and will bring you news on all the best deals around gaming, 4K TVs, and other kinds of tech. As we said - better start saving those pennies.

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