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Little Fockers celebrate a top Christmas

Little Fockers

Little Fockers rocked the top of the US box office this Christmas, the family's domestic fall-outs and make-ups cracking the top spot with a taking of $34m.

Happily, the far better critically received True Grit wasn’t far behind, the Coen Brothers’ new adaptation of Charles Portis' book entering the charts in second place (a very respectable $25m).

Last week’s number one Tron: Legacy warped under the pressure of new releases, derezzing to third place ($20m), while Voyage Of The Dawn Treader docked in fourth ($10.8m) and Yogi Bear was booted from second to fifth ($8.8m).

David O. Russell’s decent The Fighter proved a continued draw in sixth ($8.5m), while holiday special Gulliver’s Travels opened in seventh place with a very disappointing $7.2m. That’ll serve Jack Black right for ruining a classic book with 3D gimmickry.

Meanwhile, Black Swan frolicked just one place from seventh to eighth ($6.6m), Tangled loosed its tresses into ninth place (from fifth, $6.5m), and the pure pulling power of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie ensured The Tourist got the 10th place with $5.7m, despite universal panning.

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