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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Homicide Case 2: The Golden Butterfly

Investigation: Crime sceneInvestigation: Moller residenceInterrogation: Michelle MollerInterrogation: Hugo MollerInvestigation: Moller residence, part twoInvestigation: Belmont High SchoolInvestigation: Central MorgueInterrogation: Hugo Moller, part twoInterrogation: Eli Rooney

Investigation: Crime scene

Start out, once again,by investigating to footprints that you'll pass on your way into the crime scene.

Next, go up and speak with the coroner.

When you start examining the victim's body, tilt her head as shown below to see the rope pattern around her neck.

Next, examine her chest to see the stomp marks.

Finally, examine her left hand to see that, like the last victim, her ring has been forcibly removed.

Check under the tree a short distance from the victim to find her handbag.

Examine the nametag and cash in the purse, then move on.

Investigation: Moller residence

There's really only one area you need to focus on here, and that's the master bedroom. Start by examining the boots shown below:

As before, focus in on their size.

Next, look on the vanity and examine the watch and ring cases.

Interrogation: Michelle Moller

Ask her about the Missing watch and rings, and Michelle will answer Truthfully.

Ask her about her Last contact with victim, and her answer will be a little sketchy. Doubt it.

Finally, ask her about the State of parents' marriage, and she'll hide something from you again. Doubt her story.

Interrogation: Hugo Moller

Ask Hugo about the Footprints at crime scene, and he'll Lie.

Confront him with the Size eight work boots, however, and he'll come clean.

Next, ask him about the Missing persons report, and he'll try to hold something back. Hit him withsome Doubt.

Finally, ask about the Alibi for Hugo Moller, and he'll Lie again.

Counter his fibbing with the Husband's alibi.

Finally, ask him about his History of violence, and he'll try to cover it up with a Lie.

When he insists he's telling the truth, let him know you know all about the Butterfly brooch.

Investigation: Moller residence, part two

After a short cutscene and chase, you'll be back in Hugo's backyard, next to the incinerator. Examine its contents.

Turn the shoe over to reveal a splatter of blood on its sole.

Investigation: Belmont High School

After the chase, go ahead and pop the trunk on the Mollers' car.

Examine the rope until Cole sees the bloodstains.

Next, examine the overalls to reveal the initials H.M.

Finally, look at the tire iron until Cole zeroes in on the blood spatter.

Investigation: Central Morgue

There are two things you really need to look at in here, and they're both in this corner:

First, take a look at the rope samples and compare the bottom (braided) sample with the photo.

Next, check the footprint castings and note the size of the shoes.

Before you leave, briefly examine the body.

Interrogation: Hugo Moller, part two

Back at the Central Police Station, you'll have two suspects ready for questioning. Interrogate Hugo first. When you ask him about his Disposal of evidence, he will, surprisingly, tell the Truth.

Next, ask him about his Access to braided rope, and Doubt his reply.

When asked about the Victim's vehicle recovered, he'll Lie.

Counter this with the Overalls you found in the trunk.

Finally, ask Hugo about Access to tire iron. Once again, he'll Lie.

Your next move should be obvious: counter with the Bloody tire iron.

Interrogation: Eli Rooney

Ask Eli about his Place of employment, and Doubt his response.

Next, ask him about Access to braided rope, and he'll tell the Truth.

When asked about the Motive for Moller murder,he'll again give you reason to Doubt his answers.

Finally, ask him about the Footprints at crime scene. Once again, choose Doubt.

At the end of the interrogation, you'll be able to decide between charging him, or leaving the interrogation. Only one of these choices will make your boss happy enough to give you five stars, so - provided you've already questioned Moller - charge Rooney with the murder and enjoy your reward.

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