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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Homicide Case 1: The Red Lipstick Murder

Investigation: The MoorsInterrogation: Dick McCollInvestigation: Henry residenceNewspaper 5Investigation: Jacob Henry's apartmentInterrogation: Jacob HenryInterrogation: Jacob Henry, part twoInvestigation: Alonzo Mendez's apartment

Investigation: The Moors

Start out by investigating to footprints that you'll pass on your way into the crime scene.

After talking to the coroner, examine the victim's body. Tilther headuntil you geta good look at the blunt-force trauma.

Next, look at her left hand to note the absence of a ring.

Finally, look at her torso to take in the markings left by the killer.

After examining the body, walk a short distance away to this area, where you'll find a little brass globe on the ground.

Pick it upfor a closer look, then twist the bottom layer left three times, the middle layer right once, and the top layer left twice. Once it opens, you'll get another clue.

Next, take a look at the nearby handbag (ignore the haribrush next to it).

In the handbag, you'll find some lipstick. Examine it to add it to your clue list.

Interrogation: Dick McColl

When asked about the Suspect seen with victim, McColl tells the Truth.

If you believe his story, he'll also give you the license plate of the car that Celine left in. (This also nets you the Round Heels 15GAchievement/Bronze Trophy.)

Next, when asking about the Ring stolen from victim, he'll hide something from you. Doubt his story.

Finally, ask him about Knowledge of husband. Once again, you should Doubt what he tells you.

Before you leave the Bamba Club, usea pay phone to call in the license plate.

Investigation: Henry residence

Newspaper 5

As soon as Galloway lets you into the house, check the floor across from the front door for your next newspaper.

Next, head into the dining room and look for a woman's shoe just past the scattered beer bottles.

Examine it until Cole zooms in on the shoe size.

After that, head into the kitchen and look at the smashed window to add evidence of a break-in to your list of clues.

Turn around, and you'll see a note on the fridge. Pick it up and read it.

Next, head into the bedroom and look on the vanity for the next two clues.

Pick up the ring box and examine it, then do the same with the photograph next to it.

Before you go, head south and into the next yardto talk to Celine's neighbor, Jennifer Horgan, who should be pulling in just as you make your way over.

Investigation: Jacob Henry's apartment

Start by examining the pad of paper on the china cabinet.

Examine it and use the pencil to reveal a hidden message.

Next, head into Jacob's bedroom and investigate the suitcase on his bed. Examine a shoe to note its size.

Interrogation: Jacob Henry

Ask Jacob about the Movements of victim. He'll start things off wrong with a LIe.

When he protests, hit him with either the Bamba Club lighter or the Husband's alibi. Either works.

When asked about his Last contact with victim, Jacob will tell the Truth.

Finally, Jacob's response when asked about his Motive for murder is a Lie.

Show him the Death threat note to finish out your chat.

Before you leave the apartment, use the phone to check your messages.

Interrogation: Jacob Henry, part two

While you could go chase the next lead, you should instead follow the captain's orders and haul ass down to the Central Police Station to continue your talk with Jacob. You won't get the chance to talk to him again otherwise.

When asked about his Access to murder weapon, Jacob will Lie. That's not a good sign.

Counter his protestations with Husband's alibi again.

Next, ask him about the Lipstick markings. This time, he'll tell the Truth.

Ask him about the Deterioration of marriage, and he'll Lie again.

This time, point to theMarital problems that Jennifer Horgan told you about.

Finally, ask him about the Missing jewelry, and he'll tell the Truth.

Investigation: Alonzo Mendez's apartment

As you would when entering any apartment building for the first time, check the mailboxes by the front door to see where Mendez lives...

... and then check the placard by the stairs to see which floor he lives on.

There's only one area you need to investigate in Mendez's apartment, and that's the bedroom. There are two points of interest here. The first you'll want to look at is on the side of the bed.

Examine the shoe next to the bed, and examine it closely to verify the size.

Next, look in the conspicuously bloody box between the window and the foot of the bed. Examine the lipstick and the socket wrench.

Finally, Mendez will show up and try to flee. As always, be careful not to do too much damage to anything but Mendez's car, and you should finish the case with a five-star rating. If not, at least the case will be saved near the end, so you can quit out andtry it again.

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