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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Vice Case 1: The Black Caesar

Investigation: Junkies' apartmentInvestigation: The Black CaesarInterrogation: Fleetwood MorganInvestigation: Jones' Booking AgencyInterrogation:Jermaine JonesInvestigation: Numbers OperationInterrogation: Merlon OttieInvestigation: Ramez RemovalsNewspaper 7

Investigation: Junkies' apartment

Start out by examining the body slumped in the chair. to take note of his track marks and the used morphine syrettes.

Next, take a look at the junk on the rug opposite the body.

Examine the wallet to see Lamont's ID...

... and then look at the right side of the wallet to add the numbers slip to your list of clues.

Next, pick up the popcorn cup and turn it to the side so you can clearly see the Black Caesar logo.

Examine it further to take note of the suspicious tape on its underside.

When you're done, head overand examinethe body lying on the floor.

Look at his left arm to examine the track marks.

Next, check his left breast pocket for his wallet.

Take note of the ID, then direct your attention to the right side for a clue that'll come in handy later.

After that, direct your attention to the table in the middle of themain room.

Pick up the slip of paper, and you'll see what look like slot-machine icons.

Feel free to look at the sheet music and the other Black Caesar cup if you like, but it's not necessary.

Next, take a look at the pile next to the kitchen doorway. Examine the syrettes you find there.

FInally, go into the kitchen and examine the Black Caesar cup on the counter.

Of all the cups in the apartment, only this one still has the evidence taped to it.

Investigation: The Black Caesar

After the chase, you'll return to the food stand, where you'll find two points of interest. The first is the trumpet case near the door.

Open it and pick up the mute.

Tilt it until you can see into it, at which point you'll be prompted to investigate it further.

Open it up, and you'll find more numbers slips, this time with a name and address.

Above: Good thing 1940s criminals put their addresses on things

Next, pickup the Blue Room ticket.

Turn it over, and you'll see a stamp from the Jermaine Jones Booking Agency.

Put it back, and focus your attention on the cardboard box next to the popcorn machine.

Open it, and you'll find a small stash of syrettes.

Interrogation: Fleetwood Morgan

When asked about the Morphine overdose victims, Fleetwood will Lie.

Don't let him insult your intelligence. Show him you know about the Popcorn cups with morphine.

Next, ask him about the Numbers slips recovered. This time, your response should be Doubt.

Before you leave, use the nearby phone booth to get an address for the Jones agency.

Investigation: Jones' Booking Agency

Although you could go to Ottie's numbers operation at this point, that would be a mistake. Instead, pay Jones a visit, and check the placard by the door to see where you can find him.

There are a couple of interesting things to see here, but the only one you really need to worry about is the big radio in the corner.

After Cole finishes talking about how great Scott radios are, set the dials to 275 FM, and turn it on.

A secret panel will open up, displaying all kinds of contraband.

Check out the money...

... the big bag of hash...

... the new numbers slips...

... and, of course, the now-familiar morphine syrettes.

Before you back out, make sure to take a look at the label on the inside, from Ramez Removals. Then get ready for a quick fight.

Interrogation: Jermaine Jones

Ask Jermaine about the Army surplus morphine, and he'll act all dodgy. Doubt his song-and-dance.

Next, ask him about the Involvement of "Ottie," and he'll straight-up lie to you.

Answer his challenge with Distributor identified.

Next, ask him about his Link to Ramez Removals. Express Doubt when he answers.

Before moving on, use a gamewell toget the address for Ramez Removals.

Investigation: Numbers Operation

Now it's time to pay Ottie a visit. Start by taking a look at the mass of phones in the corner to see Ottie's illegal wire service.

Next, take a look at the red slot machine on the other side of the room.

Give it a spin, keeping the slip of paper you found in the junkies' apartment in mind. Every time cherries, a bell or "WIN" comes up in the right slot, hit the "hold" button to ensure they stay there.

Once you get cherries-bell-WIN, the machine's front panel will open up to you.

Examine the numbers slips...

... the little morphine boxes...

... and the label for Ramez Removals. Looks like it's almost time to pay the place a visit.

After yet another chase, you'll be handed Ottie's cane. Open up the handle, then look inside for an IOU from Ramez. You know, just in case the last couple clues with his name on them weren't obvious enough.

Interrogation: Merlon Ottie

At the start, you can only ask Ottie about Army surplus morphine, which he'll Lie about.

Here's why you had to visit Jones first: histestimony about Finkelstein identifiedis the only way to disprove Ottie'sfib.

Next, ask Ottie about the IOU note from Jose Ramez. This time, he'll tell the Truth.

Investigation: Ramez Removals

Shortly after arriving, you'll get sucked into yet another car chase, this time with a guy who throws furniture at you. Let Earle gun him down and try not to hurt anyone else while you run the van off the road.

When you're finally able to investigate the warehouse, move toward the table in front of you and look at the blue ledger. Tap on the entries for Polar Bear Ice Company and Merlon Ottie.

Newspaper 7

Next, look at the table behind theone with the ledger, and you'll find the next newspaper lying in plain sight.

Not too far in, you'll splash through a puddle of water. Follow it, and you'll find another one.

Keep following the puddles until they lead you to the back of the warehouse. Once there, you'll find a ladder going up to a high catwalk.

Up on the catwalk, you'll find the controls for a crane. activate them.

Next, you'll be thrust into a crane minigame. All you need to do here is lift the crate in front of the blocked-off door (the blue area in the gray enclosure below). Use the crane's light as a crosshairs to line up the grab.

When Earle calls you down, head to the secret room.

Blast away at the block of ice when prompted.

You'll find that it's full of some very familiar-looking morphine syrettes.

After the ensuing gunfight, head over to the Polar Bear Ice Company for another, considerably bigger gunfight, and you're done.

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