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Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC ReMind announced, includes new bosses and episodes

Kingdom Hearts 3’s game director Tetsuya Nomura made a surprise announcement about an upcoming DLC called ReMIND during the Kingdom Hearts World of Tres Orchestra show in Tokyo. According to Twitter account @YanilynGaming, Nomura took to the stage to make the announcement and revealed a handful of details about the upcoming DLC. 

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While there isn’t too much known about the DLC yet, the ReMIND bundle will be a paid DLC that includes a new scenario, along with additional episodes and bosses for our heroes to tackle. An English voice-over option will also be available for the additional content. Outside of the paid DLC, there will also be a free shiny new Keyblade for Sora to get his mitts on, as well as a free new form. 

The announcement of the new DLC comes hot off the heels of the latest free Critical Mode update, which enables you to take on the heartless in a new difficulty setting. The free update is already proving to be quite the challenge for players. 

The title ReMIND is very intriguing indeed. And what new form will Sora take? For now this is all we have to go on, and there's no word of a release date window yet, but apparently more details are said to be coming in June.

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