Keep The Aspidistra Flying review

For the bulk of Keep The Aspidistra Flying, Richard E Grant is an unshaven, drunken, arty no-hoper living in extreme squalor. But that's where the similarities to Withnail&I end. There are no fierce flying quips here, no raging rants and no Uncle Monty; instead you're treated to sly wit, social satire, period costume and a pretty, but talentless, Helena Bonham-Carter. Based on George Orwell's book of the same name, this '30s-set, meticulously-detailed, thoroughly British film revolves around Grant's would-be poet (he believes he's a genius, and quits work to prove it) struggling with poverty, rejection and love. It's so laid-back, that it's more a flicker across the screen than a fully-formed film. But Grant is great and there are some hugely funny one-liners.

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