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Karl Urban Judge Dredd rumours


Karl Urban's chin could be about to star in the Judge Dredd reboot, if Bleeding Cool's scoop is to be believed. And we see no reason why it shouldn't.

Urban's being approached for the lead role in Alex Garlands' gritty script, which will hopefully help us forget everything we learned from Sly Stallone's 1995 atrocity.

We think Urban's a great choice; he can do a growly voice, and he's proved that he can do franchise reboots with the best of 'em in Star Trek. We're totally going to ignore the fact he was in Chronicles Of Riddick.

Urban might consider the fact Dredd's essential helmet will block his face for the entire duration of the film to be a bad thing, but at least he won't have to do his hair in the morning.

What do you reckon? Tell us!

[Source: Bleeding Cool ]

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