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Jill Valentine busts out in new Resident Evil: Revelations gameplay video

Resident Evil: Revelations may be a long way away from release, but thanks to the power of the internets, we can at least see (roughly)how game is shaping up.

Belowis gameplay footage of Resident Evil's first entry on the Nintendo DS shot in glorious blur-o-vision which, we're assuming, is because the 3D functionality wasn't turned completely off for filming. The quick demo features Jill Valentine, a familiar foe, the game's first-person shooting mechanic, duel-screen functionality and an unsettling numberof drab, dark corridors:

As far as early impressions go, RE: Revelations doesn't look like it's going to turn the series on its head in terms of gameplay, but the noticeable leap in graphics and 3DS functionality will likely be the main draws regardless.

Resident Evil: Revelations is one of two Resident Evil games that Capcom plans to set loose on the 3DS, with the second being Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. Release dates and ratings have yet to be announced.

Oct 29, 2010


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