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Japan's Dragon Quest fever

Above: Plushie Slime Stack. Good for hugs. Also: dusting the inside of vases

Above: Pencils make good styluses after a long sesh grinds down the real thing

Above: Laugh as your cat breaks its teeth trying to eat this metallic paperweight

Above: The plastic Gold Golem is just another brick in the wall of merchandise

Above: Affix stickers to DS for +5 cuteness (and +10 post-removal smudges)

Above: Our favorite Dragon Quest moment immortalized in t-shirt form

Above: With a Slime face on the tip of the stylus, it looks like he’s hiding in the stylus hole on the DS

Above: Good luck differentiating one generic face part from the next

Above: Behold - this thing! Your guess is as good as ours

Above: The box calls it a lucky charm. Doesn’t work: we wanted the Slime one

Above: Giant plush key ring. Let’s see you pocket this in your skinny jeans

Above: Stationery - because the forces of evil hate straight lines

Above: All your favorite heroes preserved in plastic. Look: it’s him!

Above: Flannel for cleaning dirt/blood/Slime from your post-Quest face

Above: A ‘make your own Dragon Quest IX hero’ kit. Er, we made it for you

Above: Delightful King Slime mug turns every cup of tea into an adventure!

Jul 31, 2010

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