It All Starts Today review

Nabbing two awards at this years Berlin Film Festival, Bertrand Tavernier's It All Starts Today revolves around Daniel Lefebvre (Torreton), the director of a kindergarten in an economically depressed area of northern France. With over a third of his town's population unemployed, Lefebvre finds every attempt to rise above his situation thwarted by colleagues, parents and children alike.

Tavernier fuses tragedy, pathos and sharp social comment with occasional moments of character-driven humour. The ensemble cast of actors and non-professionals provides powerful support, while Lebebvre's one-man crusade against the authorities packs a considerable emotional punch.

The result is a provocative and humanistic tale of French working-class life. You could say it's the Gallic equivalent of Brassed Off, for this is a beautifully written, beautifully shot and exquisitely constructed treat.

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