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Hurry! Grab a new PS4 Pro console for £289 while stocks last

Hurry! Grab a new PS4 Pro console for £289 while stocks last
Credit: Sony

If you've been waiting patiently for a decent PS4 Pro deal, now is the time to strike. eBay UK is running a promotion right now that gets you 10% off everything in store, if you use the code 'PRICEWIN' at checkout. There's a £50 minimum spend, and a £100 maximum discount, but this basically means you can get this brand new PS4 Pro - via the ShopTo store on eBay - for only £289. Just pop it in your cart, click through to checkout, and you'll be prompted to enter a promotional code. Add PRICEWIN and you'll get £31 off the listed price, making this console one of the cheapest we've seen for about a year. Of course, you could wait and see what the Amazon Prime Day game deals bring in July, but with PS4 Pro consoles currently retailing for £350, you'll struggle to beat the £289 price via this offer.

PS4 Pro console | £289 (was £320)
This is the lowest price we've seen for PS4 Pro in some time. You don't often find it for less than £300 anywhere, and it usually retails for £350.View Deal

There are plenty of PlayStation-shaped bargains around right now, thanks to Sony's annual Days of Play sale, so you could get yourself well set-up for cheap. In addition to this Pro console, you can also grab the official PlayStation Gold wireless headset for £50 (saving 33%) via Amazon, or the gorgeous PlayStation Platinum wireless headset for £99 (again, saving 33%). And, if you need to buy a new one or renew your subscription, there's 30% off PlayStation Plus right now, via Amazon too - you get 12 months for £35.

There's never really been a better time to get into PS4, as everything is as cheap as it has ever been, while the library of games is staggering. Most will already have a console, but upgrading to PS4 Pro does give you the ability to play games in 4K, and most users now have a TV that's 4K ready. You even get a load more storage space on the Pro to install games to.

eBay's PRICEWIN offer lasts until midnight on June 15, but stocks of the most popular items - like the Pro consoles - will sell out long before then. Don't forget that the code applies to everything in store, so you may be able to find a cheaper console or at least save money on a bundle or slightly more expensive model (if the cheap ones sell out).

Missed this offer? There are Black Friday PS4 deals starting in November - time to save up!

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