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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 14: Attack of the Saints [Part 2]

This second half is almost unfair to The Saints because it offers 47 one of the best disguises in the Hitman Absolution: the scarecrow outfit. After the team nearby disperses, cross the road, and to the right will be the disguise. Put it on, go into the cornfield, and make you way to the shack in the upper right portion of the map. From here you can save at a checkpoint.

Above video: How to eliminate Louisa Cain

Go back in the direction of the main road, but before you reach the road, make a right to the other nearby shack.

On the side of the shack facing the main road, you’ll be able to set up another electrocution execution. Proceed with both interaction prompts at the generator and hide on the scarecrow post. Wait until Louisa goes into the shack she washes her hands for the final time.

Above video: How to eliminate Jacqueline Moorhead

Proceed deeper into the adjacent unexplored cornfields. From one field to another, you’ll have to cross a nearby dirt road, but wait until no one is looking in your direction.

This area is a good test of situational awareness but as long as you stay crouched, you have the advantage. There’ll be many opportunities to garrote Jacqueline; you just need to make sure that there aren’t any guards nearby. Whatever you do, stay in the fields.

Above video: How to eliminate LaSandra Dixon

This final Saint kill is easier than it looks. Progress further toward the next set of unexplored buildings. Wait for the right moment and go into the shack on the right. Hide crouched, sticking to the wall next to the window and wait until LaSandra is close to you.

Be sure she’s the closest enemy, so she’ll be the one to investigate your incoming item throw. When you’re ready to throw, aim for the furthest corner of the shack. Once LaSandra is inside unstick yourself from the wall and garrote her.

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