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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 13: Fight Night

Above video: How to enter the cage

Getting Silent Assassin here requires that you get into a fight with Sanchez. To do so, you’ll have to impersonate Sanchez’s opponent, the Patriot. Make your way into the warehouse, but stay on on the left side of the map until the crates steer you to go right. While almost all the guards are huddled together, there’s a lone guard at the far corner of the map. Take him out, stow him away, and take his clothes. Then weave through the crates and make your way to the middle of the map where the Patriot is training. On one of the chairs is a teddy bear. Steal it, then hide.

The Patriot gets upset about the missing bear and his team goes out as a search party. This gives you a small window to take him down with the garrote. You can try to drag him away discretely but don’t be surprised if someone notices you; there are a lot of guys in this map. What’s important is that you don the Patriot’s outfit. Then make a break for the exit. You’ll most likely have to take an indirect path, depending on who’s where on your radar. As long as the room isn’t on full alert, you’ll have a chance to leave. Even if you do get spotted, the point deduction won’t be significant.

Above video: How to defeat Sanchez

Since everyone believes you’re the Patriot, there’s no need to sneak. Just walk into the ring.

This is one of the easiest kills of the entire game, especially if you’re good at quick time events. It helps that one button is assigned to block attacks, another to pummel Sanchez, and another button for the finishing move.

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