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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 5: Hunter and Hunted

This level is broken into seven sections, but the last one, Chinese New Year, is the one that gives you most of the points because it’s the only section with assassinations. Here you have to eliminate Wade’s people - Bill Dole, Larry Clay, and Frank Owens. This mission also brings you back to Chinatown Square and the final exit is at the same spot from Level 2.

Above video: How to eliminate Larry Clay

First make a beeline to the other end of the map until the chain link fence is on your right. Next to the fence is a hole in a brick wall. Go through it quickly without getting spotted. Keep moving until you reach the gas pump and interact with it.

Hide on behind the short wall near the gas pump. Larry Clay will show up. He’ll kill himself on his own with the gas leaking nearby so you can move on to the next target. But you first have to wait until the cook is finished smoking. Then go through the hole in the brick wall.

Above video: How to eliminate Frank Owens

After going through the brick wall, head straight, veering left. You should see Bill Dole on the phone but he’s out in the open so leave him be for now. Make a right in the alley right before the tattoo parlor, head up the steps and then down the ledge.

Hide in the dumpster perpendicular to the open shaft. As you wait for Frank Owens to shop up, you should see a notification that Larry Clay is dead, and your score will increase. When Frank appears, he’ll be harassing a chef. Since you can peek without being detected, peek as the conversation transpires. When Frank pushes the chef, get out of the dumpster and push Frank into the shaft.

Above video: How to eliminate Bill Dole

Climb back up the ledge and go back the way you came. Once you exit the alley, keeping going straight all the way to the other end of the map. Be mindful of people on your radar who might spot you. Walking fast and staying crouched will help. You’ll find a downward staircase. At the bottom, you can access a ventilation duct. Climb inside it.

Go all the way to the other end of the shaft and wait until Bill’s mark on the radar approaches your area. He’s arranged a meeting to get a file on Birdie and you’re there to steal it and provoke him. When you hear “The guy’s a ghost.” in the conversation, exit the vent and stay hidden in the cover. Turn the immediate corner and you’ll see the two Bill and dealer chatting. The prompt will appear to steal the folder, so take it. Turn the corner from where you came and wait for Bill to react to the missing folder. An argument will start and he’ll be shot. Go back into the vent and make your long walk to the same exit you used in Mission 2.

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