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Hearthstone's Descent of Dragons expansion adds Galakrond and new 'Invoke' keyword

Amidst more high-profile news of the Diablo and Overwatch type, Hearthstone had its moment at BlizzCon 2019 when Blizzard announced its newest expansion, Descent of Dragons, arriving December 10. "The epic conclusion in the Year of the Dragon" will add 135 new cards, including the undead dragon Galakrond, sidequests, the new Invoke Keyword, and lots and lots of dragons.

"The League of EVIL’s villainous plot finally comes to light as they bring doom to Azeroth by resurrecting Galakrond, the ultimate dragon, leaving the ever-persistent League of Explorers once again faced with the challenge of saving the world! Flanked in flight by mystical dragons, soaring ships, and just about every winged beast Azeroth has to offer, the clash of good vs. EVIL will surely be one for the history books," reads the official synopsis.

Descent of Dragons is set in World of Warcraft's Dragonblight zone, and the new hero card Galakrond is one of many undead dragons in the area. The influx of 135 new cards to Hearthstone with the Descent of Dragons expansion also includes the new Invoke keyword, which works hand-in-hand to make Galakrond turn into more powerful forms.

In other Hearthstone related news, a new game mode called Battlegrounds is releasing in just a few days. Battlegrounds is an eight-player free-for-all "inspired by games in the auto-battler genre" set in the World of Warcraft universe. You'll find the new mode via the new "Modes" button on the main menu. 

Described as a combination of Hearthstone and auto-chess games and incorporating features like automatic combat and customizable game boards, Battlegrounds will hit Early Access at 10am PT / 6pm BST on November 5 for BlizzCon attendees and anyone who buys the Descent of Dragons expansion.

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