Haze - new screens and trailer

The honeycombed body armor of the biologically enhanced guns for hire in Haze didn't exactly excite us at first glance. After all, their bee-like design looks better suited for pumping up cereal with some nutritionally balanced breakfast fun than putting a sting on sinister international conspiracies.

But despite the somewhat silly looking character design, Haze sports what promises to be a chilling and mature story. The game throws you in the shoes of Shane Carpenter, a soldier of fortune employed by an international biomedical research and weapons manufacturer, Mantel. The plot promises twists and turns aplenty as Carpenter undoubtedly uncovers some horrible truths behind Mantel undoubtedly dubious schemes.

Remember when anti-drug slogans popped up in just about every arcade game? It looks like the "winners don't do drugs" days are over as you'll tap into your powers by injecting yourself with Mantel's proprietary "biological enhancement," Nectar. This sweet juice will give Carpenter the extra edge he'll need to survive the harsh jungles of Central South America.

For the most part, the powers you gain from partaking in the Nectar are stock abilities you've seen in other first-person shooters before. But after being bombed with Haze's updated visuals (the game's gotten a serious graphical makeover) and seeing the armor suit's power in action, we're pumped to play this sweet looking shooter.