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GTA 5 PC virtual reality mod puts you in Los Santos with Oculus Rift

Want to immerse yourself fully in Los Santos in GTA 5 on PC? Well, as reported by Gamespot , it’s already possible to literally get your head in the game and get it running on Oculus Rift. Using an application called VorpX and the field of view mod outlined in our best GTA 5 PC mods round up, it’s not too hard to get your very own VR GTA experience if you're willing to ignore the warnings.

VorpX, priced at £23.99, is described online as “the only available solution that allows you to experience modern DX10/DX11 games like Bioshock Infinite, various Call Of Duty titles, Battlefield 3 /4 and many others on your Oculus Rift.”

As there’s no official Oculus support in GTA 5, there are no other features other than head-tracking to move the camera but it looks ridiculously impressive. See a full how to in the video below from ImmersiveGamer83. As ever, heed the warnings involved carefully.

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