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GTA 5's biggest secret ends with an epic showdown between Bigfoot and a werewolf

GTA 5 is a game where you eat some peyote, wake up as a sasquatch, and hunt and kill a werewolf. Or at least, that's what it is now that the game's intrepid secret-finding community has sniffed out the latest, and possibly final, secret update to GTA 5 story mode. This looks like the thrilling conclusion to the saga that began with Bigfoot secretly entering the game back in September.

Accessing the climactic monster mash requires eating seven different hidden peyote plants at specific in-game times in specific weather conditions, after having finished the main campaign. If you want to do it yourself, Lord Galehaut has a more-informed walkthrough than I could ever write in the description for this video on YouTube. You'll want to set aside a few hours, because it is a very, very complex process that required a ton of sifting around in GTA 5's source code to uncover. If you're lazy like me you can always just watch the final battle between beast and other beast (skip to 14:10):

Once the werewolf falls at your hand/bumper, he'll be unlocked for use in Director Mode. So if you see any videos of a Teen Wolf running around Los Santos that weren't filmed in GTA Online's Hunt the Beast mode (or with mods), you'll know they've earned that letterman jacket.

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