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GoldenEye remake will feature 'much tougher' opponents

If you want tobeat the upcoming Wii GoldenEye remake, you may need a sharp eye. According to Nintendo, it's going to be bigger, better, and badder thanthe N64 classic.

Inthe latest Nintendo Week, producer Dawn Pinkney said, "The enemies are much tougher opponents, because obviously things have moved on since 1997. They're a lot more physical this time around, so they're going to come up, they're going to melee you, they're going to kick you, as well, if you're crouched. They use cover really intelligently."

Sounds like they motion-captured the bullies at my high school.

In addition toimproved AI technology, Activision went with a tougher, more action-ey James Bond presentation to mesh with Daniel Craig's new, moreass-kicking portrayal of Bond.

"Daniel Craig's Bond iscompletely different. He's so brutal, and physical, and agile and that was really exciting because we were able to bring that into the gameplay. You're vaulting through the environment... you're punching enemies, you can punch glass, you can vault through glass."

Bond smash!


Oct 26, 2010

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