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God of War's 16 goriest moments

So here are the most violent moments from the series so far. Be warned, they may not have the HD gore of the new game, but they're stillthe bits that made the original games 18-rated, so minors should probablyclick awaynow.

Harpy Wing Rip

Right near the start of the first game, you get set upon by a load of Harpies who fly around you causing no end of mischief. With a simple press of Circle, Kratos plucks them from the air, gets a good foothold... andpulls their wings off.

Above: Reckon Kratos used to pull the wings off butterflies as a kid?

A problem halved

When you're as strong as Kratos, there's no need to finish your enemies off with weapons. Why not tear them in half with your bare hands? Too many games characters are lacking this kind of showmanship.

Above: If we did this to someone in real life, we'd shout 'rah' at the end too

Minotaur Throat Stab

Not only is this one of the most gruesome attacks in the game, it has a purpose too, yielding health when you execute it. So really you've got no excuse for not doing it every time.

Above: Come on, don't gargle your own blood. It's disgusting

Flame-grilled prisoner

Kratos shows no mercy as he's faced with a complex door mechanism that requires him to place this cage in a certain spot and pull a lever. The leverfries whatever's in the way, so the fact there's a prisoner inside the cage makes this a complex moral dilemma. Fortunately Kratos can't even spell 'moral dilemma' so he's happy to do the deed.

Above: OK, so you're in pain, but have you seen how cool you look?

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