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Ghost Recon Online trailer offers intel on Recon class

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Online trailer claims knowledge is the greatest weapon in battle. That sounds cool on paper, but we're pretty sure no one's going to die of trivia shots to the face. Nevertheless, see what damage you can do as a Recon class soldier in the latest class video:

Announced last spring, Ghost Recon Online brings the famed Tom Clancy video game series online in a free-to-play format, complete with upgradable classes, persistent stats, online rankings, and community events. The game will offer combatants an opportunity to enjoy the action alone or with friends for zero charge; however, it will include the option to purchase new gear, upgrades, and character perks through a standard microtransaction system.

Applications for the upcoming beta are being taken right now at Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Online website. You can also prepare to roll out with our hands-on preview.

Ghost Recon Online is in development for PC and Wii U, and expected to arrive later this year.