Get Carter review

Well, you voted it the seventh-greatest British movie of all time, so maybe you should check out the BFI's new print of Get Carter - - if you're anywhere near the London's National Film Theatre between 11 and 24 June - - and remind yourself exactly why this is such a Brit classic.

The grim tale of hollow redemption sees Michael Caine at his most relentlessly malicious, playing Jack Carter, a London gangster-type who travels north to Newcastle to find out who offed his bruvvah. He's a cool character and he gets all the cool lines - - and all the women - - but what's most striking about Jack Carter is that he's so evil.

He's a crim and a killer, and he acts like one, even if the audience do find it hard to stomach. Carter's cruel, calculated and vicious - - in order to frame an enemy he's quite happy to coldly murder a girl by pumping her veins full of morphine. A character you love to hate, which is why Get Carter will always be a movie that you'll love to love, despite its bleak tone.

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