Genji: Days of the Blade review

Not even four warriors can keep endless hack-and-slash from going stale

Unfortunately, stuff like that gets overshadowed by the game's uncontrollable camera, which makes things way more awkward and difficult than they need to be. Sometimes it tracks you around just fine, but it often likes to switch between constant close-ups of your character (meaning you'll have to look at arrows on the radar to find out where your enemies are) and fixed, "cinematic" angles that make jumping around a little more difficult.

Another thing that makes jumping puzzles a nightmare? Accidentally shaking the Sixaxis pad. If you turn motion-sensitivity on, you can dodge in any direction just by jerking the pad around, which is really neat. However, it's less neat when you've just completed a difficult jump and an involuntary movement sends you somersaulting into the abyss.

More Info

DescriptionA pretty-looking (if generic-playing) slash-'em-up that continues Genji: Dawn of the Samurai's foray into Japanese historical legend.
Franchise nameGenji
UK franchise nameGenji
US censor ratingTeen