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Full Alice trailer goes live

Plot! Depp! CGI! Yes, the full trailer for Tim Burton’s new star-powered Alice in Wonderland is finally here.

Click here to take a peek.

“Is it a wonder, though?” we hear you cry. Well, yes and no. It’s fittingly wacky, overflowing with zany imagery, the requisite creepy Burton fairytale mood, and – naturally – another grandstanding performance from a make-up-slathered Johnny Depp.

But if your tolerance for CGI is erring on the “I’d rather read the book”, Burton’s computerised vision might grate.

Crucially, though, the trailer gives the first indication of the storyline for Burton and co’s flick.

Acting as a sort-of sequel to Lewis Carroll’s original yarn, we find Alice (Mia Wasikowska) now 19 years of age and fleeing to Wonderland after a decidedly unappetising marriage proposal.

There, Alice discovers that Wonderland is now being ruled by the diabolical Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Taking matters into her own hands, Alice recruits Depp’s Mad Hatter and, seemingly, Anne Hathaway’s White Queen to put the world to rights.

Interestingly, this new rabbit hole adventure was scribbled by Linda Wolverton, a former screenwriter for ‘80s animated Star Wars tie-in, Ewoks . Just so you know.

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