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Forewarned is an upcoming Phasmophobia-like horror game where you search through Egyptian tombs

Dreambyte Games has announced Forewarned, an upcoming multiplayer horror game coming to Steam and VR platforms in Q3 2021.

In Forewarned, you and up to three friends put on your archeologist hats and head to the Sahara Desert. There you'll look through cursed tombs in search of ancient relics which were used to seal malevolent spirits, called Mejai, inside the ruins. There are a lot of parallels to the popular co-op horror game Phasmophobia: you have several goals to accomplish inside each tomb, you can have one or more players hang back and provide intel from outside the tombs, there's positional voice chat and upgradeable loot, and you can decide to abandon missions if you feel like the treasure isn't worth the effort.

But Forewarned adds a twist to the formula by adding PvP elements into the mix. In Phasmophobia, the worst you can do to your friends is kill the circuit breaker and run out of the building while chanting the ghost's name, but Forewarned lets you actively inhibit your team's progress from the dead. If you fall victim to one of the spirits, you'll have the choice to come back as a servant of the Mejai or continue on aiding your buddies. You'll be incentivized for helping your team, but let's be honest, we're all coming back to wreak havoc because that's what true friends are for.

Another distinction from Phasmophobia is that Forewarned's environments are procedurally generated and the AI is randomized, which should keep things fresh for subsequent playthroughs.

Keep an eye out for Forewarned's Early Access launch by adding it to your wishlist, and check out Devour if you're looking for another Phasmophobia-like horror game but with way more screaming.

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