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First The Medium gameplay trailer shows off its Silent Hill-style dual reality

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

During the Xbox Series X Game showcase today, Bloober Team debuted an eerie new gameplay trailer for its upcoming psychological horror game, The Medium. 

The trailer shows how players will control protagonist Marianne in both the spirit world and the physical world at the same time, with it's unique "Dual-reality" gameplay. As you journey through the two worlds simultaneously, Marianne is controlled using a single analog stick, but there will be different interactions between each of the two settings that you'll have to use to solve puzzles and uncover paths. We also get to see some glimpses of some of the abilities Marianne can use in the spirit world. 

Marianne is haunted by the visions of a young girl's murder, and as a medium with unique physic abilities, you'll set out to unravel the dark mysteries of the two realities. It's clear a lot of darkness lurks beneath the surface, and not everything in the real world is as it seems. By giving you different perspectives, The Medium looks set to take us on a decidedly unsettling journey worthy of the horror genre from the same team that brought us Layers of Fear and Blair Witch. As you can also see in the trailer, 

Along with a look at its unique gameplay, Bloober also announced that you can now preorder The Medium from Steam for PC and the Microsoft store for the Xbox Series X. As a next-gen only release, the developer previously explained the decision to release its upcoming horror entry exclusively for the new console. 

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