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First Fallout: New Vegas screens analyzed

What happens in Vegas... looks a lot like Fallout 3. That's not a terrible end-of-the-worldthing, but if you expected your eyes to fall off at the sight of the first non-expansion since Fallout 3, sorry, it's the same engine and same look. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to get excited about - there's tons to get excited about, especially when you know what you're looking at.Take a minute to soak in Fallout's post-apocalyptic version of thewasteland that is Las Vegas, andbe sure to also grab the April issue ofOfficial Xbox Magazinefor adeeper look at the game.

View the slideshow for the high resolution images.

No, this isn't Fallout: Jurassic Park (though that would be awesome). If you've played either of the original games, you know what these buggers are: mutated geckos.

What's this massive weapon of war? A grenade machinegun, of course.

A nice simple wheel of commands gives you more control over your companions.

If you skin Easy Pete's leathery face, you can make a satchel out of it! Just kidding. (though if you're reading Obsidian, pretty please?)

One of the additions in New Vegas is special meleeattacks. The attack "Fore!" suggests a golf club...

And here's a shot of the club in action, thoughfrom this angle, it looks an awful lot like a hockey stick. Maybe we still have the Winter Olympics on our minds. The guy getting clubbed, one of the"Powder Gangers" invading the town of Goodsprings,looks rather like an old school Vegas gangster.

Our hero's face looks like it just got stepped on by his combatant, but that's not important, because you were too busy looking at the mutant's super-stylish heart glasses and sexy-ass haircut to notice. That's Tabitha, a human-hating despot who'snot at all happy to see you.

What would a Fallout game be without your loyal companion,Dogmeat? We assume this is he, unless canine creatures often wander into bars unattended. We could be wrong.

Guess what's at the top of this solar power plant? Archimedes II, which is as intimidating as it sounds - we hearit's pretty good at vaporizing fools.

There are more screensin our gallery, and if you haven't seen the teaser yet, it's oh-so-conveniently embedded below:

Mar 8, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer