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Fallout: New Vegas to finally receive 'comprehensive' patch

The long awaited 'comprehensive' patch for Fallout: New Vegas is finally seeing the light of day. Bethesda has released a flurry oftweets, (opens in new tab)Facebook updates (opens in new tab), andforum postings (opens in new tab), all of which confirm:“We wrapped up work on the Fallout: New Vegas patch and submitted it. We’ll let you know when it’s up on PS3, 360, and Steam."

This newest patch is Bethesda's second attempt at fixing Fallout: New Vegas' game-crashing bugs and annoying glitches. Though details of the update are unclear, Bethesda's earlier forum posts revealed that Xbox 360 save problems and “a number of other reported issues” will be accounted for. If successful, it should clean up the Mohave Wastelands quite nicely for the arrival of Xbox 360's 'exclusive' DLC content on December 21st.

Fallout: New Vegas is far from broken, but it's also a few fast travels away from perfect. Normally, this is where we'd rail against the idea offixing buggy games after the fact rather than releasing them complete, but at this point we just want a fix.

Dec 7, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas console patch fixes over 'over 200' bugs
That must have taken a while

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