Everything review

Shot over ten days, edited on a Mac (a la Tarnation) and completed for under 50 grand, budget Brit flick Everything inhabits a seedy world of prostitutes, pimps and stakeouts that benefits from its cost-effective DV treatment. Unshaven and out-of-shape, Richard (Ray Winstone) repeatedly puffs his way up to the first-floor boudoir of ageing pro Naomi (a brilliant Jan Graveson), where he prefers a little more conversation to X-rated action. Grilling her about the red-light lifestyle over board games and parting with cash for his questions, Richard refuses to get physical – unlike the unnamed pimp who owns both the room and the virginal Belarussian girl who swaps shifts with Naomi.

There are hints of Lilja 4-Ever in the subplot but, as a believable friendship evolves between the leads, the effect is more Gritty Woman. A rough diamond.


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