Enchanted Arms coming to PS3

Good news for a console currently starving for RPGs, as it looks like Atsuma is branching out in his tutelage.Ubisoft and FromSoftware announced today that their once Xbox exclusive, Enchanted Arms, is making its merry way to the PlayStation 3 early in 2007.

Centering on the aforementioned Atsuma, a student in the field of enchantment, the gameplay focuses on his ability to take control of the wayward golems some dastardly individual has exhumed for malicious intent. 1,000 years in the making,your battle for humanity will be waged on a divided grid system, and impatient folks even have the option of speeding up the action using the "SpeedTactics Battle System" - a fancy way saying fast forward.Or so it has been foretold...

Above: This image from the Xbox 360 depictsa deadlygame of Colossus versus mouse

Originally developed in Japan, PS3 owners will be treated to both the Japanese and American language tracks. They've also seen fit to add 30 new and exclusive characters to take control of, bringing the tally to well over a hundred.On top of the promised 50+ hours of gameplay, Enchanted Arms on the PS3 will make use of the Sixaxis controller to harness weapons and replenish the EX power meter.

Enchanted Arms is currently scheduled for a release some time in March and we'll keep you updated until then.Or you can employ your own god-given SpeedTactics and headhereformore info.

January 11, 2007