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The dramatic reenactment of... Beyond: Two Souls' pitch

This E3's reveal of Beyond: Two Souls was a bit of an eye-opener for us. It's like, we were all on board with Jodi, the supernaturally gifted and alt indie guitar-wielding heroine played by Ellen Page. We know, because of our Beyond: Two Souls review, but... still. We had no problem with the unorthodox control scheme. And yeah, homelessness. We get that. But then, Jodi in soldier garb? Defending kids in, where, Africa? Where did things go wrong, Mr. Dave Cage?

You like those beautiful Arnette glasses? Think you've got a better David Caruso-esque one-liner than "You really went above...and beyond"? If so, leave your best one-liner in the comments. We'll pick our four favorites and hook those folks up with their very own pairs! Oh, and here's the official rules, if you're into that kind of thing.

LAST WEEK'S WINNERS: dizzydragon, MasteroDisasta, Flagrant Pilgrim. Email to claim your Arnette glasses!