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Doomsday for McDowell

It seems a career resurgence of sorts is in the air for Malcolm McDowell - as a low-budget gore-flick star.

After recently running around the suburbs of Haddonfield trying to apprehend the un-jolly mean giant in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween, he’s now joined the cast of Neil Marshall’s action-thriller Doomsday.

The Descent director’s latest project is about a lethal virus known as the Reaper, which wiped out an entire country before being contained.

Like most self-contained virus type things, it doesn’t take long for it to make its escape, using a baby hammer and a Rita Hayworth poster (possibly), and start making up for lost time.

McDowell will bring his gravelly voiced gravitas to the role of a doc who, handily, specialises in treating nasty viruses.

There’s no firm date set for Doomsday, but consult your nearest sandwich-boarded madman for further details.