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Doctor Who Day Of The Moon Spoiler-Free Preview

20 incredibly vague hints about what to expect on Saturday

1 There are another two cracking bits of physical comedy from Matt Smith, one involving him almost falling over, and another involving his teeth

2 The episode opens very unexpectedly, almost disorientatingly, but the whole precredit sequence is just stunning

3 There’s a very silly stunt involving one of the TARDIS’s rooms, that may make you cringe, but made us laugh (and got a cheer at the preview screening)

4 Pay close attention to the discussion following the “bow tie” moment at the start of the episode; what may seem like a throwaway comment actually becomes vital later on

5 Rory’s emotions are put through the wringer. Again

6 Rory briefly gets a new look. So does River, but Rory’s is more striking and may win him some new fans

7 The TARDIS can’t seem to make its mind up about someone

8 The gay agenda is back… again ;-)

9 There’s snogging

10 There are two great action sequences, one of them ludicrous, but stupidly fun

11 The writing’s on the wall

12 Nixon’s final expression in the episode is a doozy

13 A famous British TV personality gets a mention

14 You want answers? Prepare for even more questions first

15 There’s a great beauty shot just after the Doctor is discovered tinkering somewhere he shouldn’t be

16 Karen Gillan is getting better and better and better…

17 Some more Moffat tropes are given the dust down

18 Unless you’ve had inside information, you will NEVER predict what happens in the final scene

19 Has somebody wandered in off the set of Twin Peaks ?

20 If you liked part one, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed in part two – it’s pacier, creepier and just as full of “Huh?!” moments, though maybe it’s not quite as witty, and doesn’t have the shock of the new. But there’s still an awful lot of information to take in. Then again, that also means you’re still picking up on clever little moments the third, fourth and fifth time you watch it.