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Doctor Strange has a dying request for Spider-Man in Marvel November special

Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1 cover
(Image credit: Greg Land/Frank G. D'Armata (Marvel Comics))

Doctor Strange will be dying this fall, though as we've recently learned, he's been preparing for this possibility - including making one last request of Spider-Man. As part of the Sorcerer Supreme's last will and testament, he has asked Marvel's premiere wall-crawler to become New York City's resident magical protector… but there's one small problem.

Peter Parker will be incapacitated this fall (although presumably, it will be short-term), with Ben Reilly once again assuming the role of Spider-Man. Although Strange and Reilly worked together briefly during the recent 'Damnation' event, their relationship is far removed from what Stephen and Peter's is.

Death of Doctor Strange

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

But Reilly will attempt to step up in the November special, Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1, by writer Jed MacKay (who also writes the main Death of Doctor Strange series) and artist Marcelo Ferreira.

"Doctor Strange is dead. However, his obligations live on. All across New York City, there exist magical threats that Doctor Strange attended to, and with him gone, that duty now falls to Spider-Man," MacKay tells Newsarama. "But the Spider-Man that is currently available is not the Spider-Man that Strange had been counting on, and now Ben Reilly races against time to keep New York's weirdness under control and prove that he's worthy of the title."

(Image credit: Greg Land/Frank G. D'Armata (Marvel Comics))

Reilly will have a little help as NYC's new magical protector, but it ain't Wong - it's Black Cat, one of the first people that learned Reilly had assumed the Spider-Man role back in the '90s 'Clone Saga.' And true to Felicia's nature, she's not really here to help; as MacKay tells us, she "wants to be there to see it when he crashes and burns."

In addition to writing the main Death of Doctor Strange series, MacKay writes the current Black Cat ongoing, and previously wrote Spidey in the special King in Black: Spider-Man #1.

This 'deputizing' of Spider-Man in service of the Sorcerer Supreme has some similarities to what's been teased for Marvel Studios' upcoming What If … ? animated series, as Spider-Man has been shown wearing Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation.

Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1 goes on sale this November, while the five-issue Death of Doctor Strange event series kicks off on September 22.

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